• HomeSav Knows Price Doesn’t Mean Quality

    HomeSav Knows Price Doesn’t Mean Quality

    We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.”  HomeSav knows there’s more to it than that though.  In general, price is a fair indicator, but it’s not always the case. When it comes to good design, everything is planned...

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  • Highlights for a Timeless Style

    Highlights for a Timeless Style

    Even an infant knows there is something wrong with shag carpet and paisley drapes.  Yesterday’s style is now behind us so it’s time for this generation to show how it’s done.  By knowing what to feature and what to avoid, a design can...

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  • Tips on Finding Uses for Old Material

    Tips on Finding Uses for Old Material

    Nothing is truly useless; everything can prove useful again if you retool it into something new.  Instead of throwing out your old shoes, simply reinvent them.  With a bit of creativity, and luck, you can make something incredible and unique. To...

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HomeSav Brings Together Luxury and Style

HomesavMoving is a pain, but HomeSav is here to make furnishing your household easier and affordable.  Furniture taken from one home may not fit or work in another. This doesn’t mean you need to use hand-me-down furniture as a replacement though.

Daily vendor

Every day we bring you a new group of vendors.  This constant flow helps you find something you love every time you log in.  These vendors are all of the highest quality and only the best items get through.  Each vendor sticks around for a week or so and provides a variety of unique items.

Focusing on a chic, modern style, these products are less traditional for a unique feel.  Every home has a story; let your furniture tell it.  This furniture comes to you at a lower price, and the variety means everything’s right here.  Help find your style at HomeSav.


Couches and beds and tables are nice, but they benefit by having friends.  Offering a wide variety of products, HomeSav is your one-stop-shop for home décor.  If you are unsure of your style, we offer a style quiz to get you started.
It’s not only large vendors that you’ll find here; sometimes the small designers do it best.  We offer special programs for smaller stylists to contribute.  If you’re not a designer yourself, but know of one, we are always listening.

We support entrepreneurs and their hard work.  Smaller teams mean more heart.  When creating on a reduced scale, products are less polished.  By having less glossy mass appeal than polished products, designs come out more unique and contemporary.

How you save

By joining HomeSav you are enrolled in our daily sales event emails.  This means you will find out about today’s top deals before even leaving your inbox.  You can modify your personal email choices at any time.  This service is completely free and your information confidential.

Once you find an item you like on sale, act fast.  New HomeSav sale events are posted daily.  There are between 10 and 40 products per event, and quantity is limited.   Every sale lasts from one to seven days and generally begins at 10 a.m. sharp.

None of the HomeSav inventory is permanent, which is how you save more.  Once the sale event expires, the item is no longer available and may not return for a while.


Three and a half years ago, three first time home buyers realized how hard it is to furnish a home.  Resolute on having a beautiful home they searched everywhere.  When it became clear nobody offered a solid method, HomeSav was born.  Putting their skills together, the three made this as an easy and affordable furnishing tool.

As a growing business, HomeSav can focus on what is important.  Through growth and expansion, customer satisfaction is always top priority.  Along with their personal growth, the styles available are expanding as well.  Always chic and contemporary, these modern furnishings will look good year after year.

Affiliates and customers alike benefit from this type of service.  When inventory is full and homes are empty, a sale makes everyone happy.  Just as customer satisfaction is crucial, so is communication with clients.

HomeSav Makes Your Home a Party Hub

In every group of friends is the one with the house.  Not just any house, but one designed around having a good time.  Some are thrown into the role of master host, but others are searching for a way in.  To best handle that honorable post, a well-designed home is critical. Modern style furniture, like that found on the HomeSav website, provides a sleek atmosphere.

How to furnish for parties

The best homes for entertaining offer different areas.  There is the comfortable lounge, sleek kitchen, open porch, and relaxing bedroom.  Each room should flow from one to the other.  The best way to achieve a natural flow is through open and inviting paths.

By leaving room to walk and mingle, guests can move about to where they’re most comfortable.  A HomeSav style couch in the living room will stand out as a center of attention and capture the eye.  For those looking to mingle, the kitchen is a great place for letting your guard down.  When people are enjoying food and drink, they also share a bond with those around them.

Look for furniture that will stand up to the pressure of parties and look good doing it.  Comfortable chairs are nice, but they’re less social.  Floor cushions and even bag chairs can bring everyone to the same level and provide comfort.

Holiday decorations

Holidays are the most important days of the year.  This is the time when you get to show off your style to friends and family.  Use HomeSav to improve that spare bedroom by adding some finishing touches.

A bookshelf with some of your favorite reads will provide tired guests with easy entertainment.  For the more social, gathering around a fireplace is perfect for swapping stories.  Not every home is built with a good fireplace, but there are mobile versions available for back porches.

A large rug lets nieces and nephews run around without ruining carpet.  A few well-placed throw blankets will protect your chairs and couches, and keep everyone warm in the cold.  For a more festive look, use old wrapping paper for background on glass cabinet doors.

How to save

By keeping an eye open year round, you can find great deals.  A large bowl may not seem useful for day to day, but it will prove a great ornament when entertaining.  That wicker basket with the hole in it would make a great tree skirt for Christmas.  Remove the bottom, and trim the lower branches until your new skirt fits like a glove.

That faux foliage you spotted on HomeSav the other day won’t stick around long.  By adding some festive lights, indoor plants make the holidays brighter.  If a chair with a removable cushion catches your eye, get a hold of it and make a holiday cushion.  By preparing for the holidays year round, you can save a bundle.

Bring it together

Keep an overall design in mind when furnishing or decorating.  By changing the look room to room, the whole appeal can fall apart.  If sticking to a rustic look, simple wooden furniture beats out plastic.  For that classic feel, winged chairs and elegant tableware make all the difference.

Keeping the scheme solid makes it easier when preparing for events.  Try to change things up every once in a while by keeping out a holiday decoration like flowers.  HomeSav knows that the simple, corresponding piece may end up sticking around all year.

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Awesome design

Aug 20, 2013 by Adam

Awesome design, congrats for the new site.

5.0 5.0 1 1 Awesome design, congrats for the new site. HomeSav Brings Together Luxury and Style